What payment type will a refund be processed to?

When a refund is made to a reservation, it is refunded the same way the payment for that specific reservation was made.

If a customer has several reservations made with the same campground (ex. cabin, tent site, and RV site) and has paid with a credit card for one reservation, and cash with another, it doesn't matter if there's a card on file for that customer. If a reservation that was cancelled and refunded was paid with cash - it will refund as cash. 

For example, if a customer paid for a reservation with a credit card and then wanted it refunded in the form of cash, that wouldn't work and vice versa. 

If a customer has paid for the SAME reservation with both a card and cash (ex. paid the deposit with credit card and the remaining balance with cash at the time of check in) and a refund is processed, it will be refunded to the FIRST form of payment made, in this example.

Refunds will always be processed in order of payments received from oldest to newest.

For example, in the below reservation. The guest paid $20.00 in cash at the time of booking. Then they paid the remaining balance with their credit card ending in 4242. 

If you were to refund this invoice, it will need to be refunded as a cash payment, it will not be refunded to the credit card ending in 4242.

If you have any questions about this, please reach out to [email protected]

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