How do I set up Good Sam discount validation?

For our Good Sam member campgrounds, you are able to enable an option to collect your guest's Good Sam Membership ID and verify it is currently valid. 

To set up this option, go to your Settings and click into Discounts:

Next click the orange plus to add a new discount:

You will go to the screen to add the discount:

Add the Good Sam discount option that will validate based on the membership ID by checking the box labelled "Good Sam Discount 10% off nightly reservations:"

That's all it takes! Now you will have the option for manual reservations and online reservations for collecting and validating a guest's Good Sam membership id.

When you make a manual reservation, you will have a field to collect the guest's membership ID under the Camper Information section:

When you click the Save & Continue or Update buttons, the platform will validate the membership ID. If it isn't valid or currently expired, you will be prompted and can update the ID to a valid one or remove it.

When your guests make a reservation online, they will have an option to enter their Good Sam Membership ID if you set up this discount option:

Special things to note on this feature:

  • Good Sam discounts will only be available for online reservations if you add the discount option. The membership ID will not be prompted without this set and you are not required to offer this for your online reservations.
  • The verification checks that the guest's membership is valid the day they make the reservation.
  • The 10% discount will only apply to nightly rates set. It will not apply to weekly or monthly rates.
  • You will need to add a separate Good Sam discount to manually apply the discount to an invoice if you will not use the member ID validation. This option is not available for the online reservations.

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