How do I email a guest after they've checked in?

In order to email a guest after they've checked in, you will want to first want to go into the reservation. 

From the dashboard, you will hover over the "i" for information at the end of the reservation. Then you will go down and select the pencil symbol, which is second from the left. This is for "edit reservation."

After you click the pencil icon, it will take you to the reservation summary. Up at the top on the right hand side, there are a bunch of different symbols. You will want to click the envelop that is not filled in, which is second from the right. 

This will open your email application that you have on your computer. Please note, it will not open your Gmail or yahoo, etc that you access through a browser. It will have the camper's email in the "to" box and you can copy and paste that to your browser email, gmail or yahoo, etc. 

You can also access this email by going to the camper's account and clicking on the "email camper" button on the top right. It will also bring up the same email application I mentioned before. 

If you still have questions after reading this article, please reach out to the Support Team by emailing, "[email protected]." 

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