How to Find an Existing Reservation

Log into

Select “Reservations” in left menu:

Reservations will be listed.

Search by specific reservation information:

Go to Search field and enter in reservation information you are searching for.

You are able to search by:

  • Confirmation # for reservation
  • First Name **
  • Last Name **
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

** First and Last name searches must be exact and not combined. For example, if you are looking for a reservation camper Bob Bailey made, you can enter “Bailey” to find reservation. Spelling must match as well as full last name being entered for a person’s reservation to be found.

Search by Date Range:

You may also search within a date range.

Click on the calendar to enter a specific range to look at:

This pops up a calendar to choose your range:   

Either click on the specific start and end date to search within or select from the options listed.

You may move forward and back by the specific range you selected by clicking the left and right arrows next to calendar icon. For example, if you selected “This Week” for your range, when clicking the right arrow, the dates will move forward a week along with the search results.

Use the date range option with the specific search field to narrow down to a specific reservation. If you are not finding a reservation you think should be there, open up the date range further.

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