How do I look up a payment in stripe?

In order to look up a payment in stripe, you will first need to log into your stripe account. You can do so here:

It will then take you to your dashboard and usually the payment page, with a list of all payments. 

To search for a specific payment, you will need the last four of the credit or debit card used. Then in the search bar at the top, you first type in the code "last4:" and then hit the spacebar and type in the last four of the card and hit enter

A list of payments will populate and you can find the one that matches the date of the payment in question. You will find the date on the right hand side in the last column. You can also gather a quick snapshot of some information in for the payment. The Amount, if the payment succeeded, failed, was refunded or had a partial refund, was incomplete, etc. Then in the description column you will see the charge ID for the payment, which you will not have a use for at this time. 

You'll click the payment you want to take a further look at with the last four in question. You'll then want to verify that this payment matches the reservation as multiple people can have the same last four digits. You'll do this by scrolling down on the payment selected to the section titled "Logs." You'll then click into the one that says "tokens" at the end. 

Then you'll see a screen with a customer ID in blue on the left hand side. You will copy this. 

Then you will go back to the platform, to the accounts tab and search for that customer using their unique ID to verify the payment matches the customer. 

Then you can hit the back button in stripe to look at the payment overview to get details on the payment. 

If you have further questions, please reach out to support at "[email protected]."

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