Understanding the Top Bar on the Dashboard

Watch the video below or read the following article with screenshots to understand how to use the top bar on the dashboard.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Dashboard- Top Bar (3:24)

Calendar View

When you first log in to app.campgroundbooking.com, you'll want to start by establishing the date range that you would like to see on the dashboard by clicking on the calendar icon:This will open up a calendar that you can use to select the appropriate date range. There are some quick selections you can make at the very bottom of this box, including selecting to view this month, last week, or last month. You can also select a custom date range by clicking on the first date you would like to see in your dashboard. After you select the first date, a green tail follows you around until you select the last date that you would like to display on the dashboard using the calendar view at the top. Use the arrows at the top right of the box to view a previous or upcoming month.

You can also click on the arrow next to the month and year at the top left to select a different month or different year. This tool is helpful if you would like to see reservations beyond a few months into the future or the past. 

Please note that our suggestion is to view up to one month at a time on the dashboard. This is because the wider the date range you select, the longer it will take to load all of the reservations on your screen. So if you ever encounter a slowdown or lagging on your dashboard, try displaying a smaller date range and see if this improves the loading speed.

Dashboard Size

Once you've selected the date range that you would like to work with in your dashboard, you may want to adjust the dashboard's size. You can use the green circle with the plus sign magnifying glass to zoom in or the green circle with the minus sign magnifying glass to zoom out to your preferred dashboard size.

Filter Sites and Reservations

On the lefthand side of the date range, you'll see a funnel icon. You can click on the funnel icon to pull up a certain site type or number on your dashboard. For example, to show pull through sites only, type "pull through" into the search bar and only pull through sites will display on the dashboard for the date range that you are viewing. This feature is useful for viewing the availability of a certain site type or to drag and drop a reservation from one site to another while maintaining the same site type. Whenever you are done using the filter, make sure to clear it so you can bring up the full dashboard again.

Finally, the magnifying glass on the far left can be used to search for a reservation within the date range displayed on the dashboard. Typing the customer's name into the search bar will pull up their reservation to the top left of the dashboard. If it so happens that multiple people with the same name are going to stay at your campground during the date range displayed on your dashboard, press the enter key to scroll through the list until you find the correct reservation. Once you are done using the search filter, clear out the name to restore the full dashboard view. 

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