What is included in a confirmation email?

First, what is included in a confirmation email depends on if your campground books by site or site type. 

When the campground is booking by site, here is what the confirmation email that the camper's receive will look like.

As you see in the email it includes the following: 

  1. The last four of the card used to make the reservation including the card type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
  2. The reservation confirmation number, which is used to locate the reservation via the reservations tab.
  3. The site number, which is only included when your campground it set to book by site. If your campground is set to book by site type, the site number will not be included in the email. 
  4. The site type. 
  5. The check in and out times. 
  6. It has the total breakdown. It has the rate of the site and any additional charges. In the above example, there is an additional child, which this campground charges for. If your campground charges property fees, it will be included with the "fees" line. 
  7. It has all fees, including the booking fee and property fees. 
  8. It has the taxes. It groups all taxes together, but they are separated on the invoice in the platform. 
  9. The total. 
  10. It will record all payments taken at the time the confirmation is sent. It will also specify the payment method, cash, credit, off-line, etc. as well as the date the payment was taken. 
  11. It will have the updated due on arrival meaning the remaining balance. 
  12. If you added a public note on the account, it will show on the confirmation email. 
  13. It has a hyper link to your campground's public email for questions. 
  14. At the bottom of the email is all the campground's contact information and physical address. 

If you are wondering how to resend a confirmation email, please visit this article: https://help.campgroundbooking.com/article/173-how-do-i-resend-a-confirmation-email-to-a-guest

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