How to Set a Refundable Security Deposit

Setting up a refundable security deposit is different than setting a reservation deposit - to learn how to set up a reservation deposit, click here. A refundable security deposit is used when you have certain sites where you want to collect a damage fee, cleaning fee or other such deposit. 

Note: This refundable security deposit will NOT be automatically refunded at the time of check out, the campground host/manager must manually issue the refund. To learn how to manually issue a refund, click here.

Getting Started: To set a refundable security deposit for a specific site type, you'll first go to your campground settings, select "Site Types", and then pick the site type that requires a refundable security deposit. You're able to either double click the specific site type or click the three vertical dots on the right side and select "Edit" from the pop-up menu.

Now that you've chosen which site type you want to add the refundable security deposit to and have clicked into it, locate the checkbox labeled "Has Security Deposit?" and check it. This will display a field below rates where you can enter the amount to collect. (Shown in the image below)

Enter in the Security Deposit amount you would like to collect and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the window. All sites with this site type will now add the security deposit at the time of reservation. 

Note: If you have set a reservation deposit the system will still only collect the deposit amount configured under the campground settings for "Deposits." In this case, the refundable security deposit will be collected at the time that the entire invoice is paid for.

The camper will see the expected security deposit in their confirmation email:

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