How do I add an inventory item to a reservation?

Inventory items can be used to charge for store items or extra fees a campground has.

If you need to add an inventory item to an existing reservation first find the reservation and click to Edit the reservation. This brings you to the Reservation where you click on the Payment tab to view the invoice.

Next click the "Edit" button:

This changes the view of the invoice and provides an option to "ADD AN ITEM" to the invoice. Click on the "ADD AN ITEM" and you will be shown a search field where you can find existing inventory items to add to the person's invoice.

Note that the inventory item must exist before you can add it to an invoice. You may enter text to match the item to want to add and then select the item to add it to the invoice.

Once the item is added to the invoice you can change the quantity. Click the "Save" button to save the changes to the invoice.