How to Use Invoice History

Invoice history allows you to view the full history of any invoice made against a camper. This will show you when new inventory items have been added or discounts applied, which employee made the change, and at what time. The goal with invoice history is to have full insight into all actions taken against a particular invoice.

At this time, invoices are not tied to the reservation history. For instance, this means that if a reservation was extended from two to three nights and also moved from site 6 to site 8, you will be able to see that a pull-thru site was changed from two to three nights, but you will not see that the guest was moved to another site. 

Note: We are currently working on a full reservation history and you will be able to track this as well!

How to View Invoice History:

Go to your reservation tab and then double click into a reservation. You'll navigate to the 'Payment' tab and then click on the clock icon on the invoice (see below).

When being shown the invoice history, it will pull every single action taken against this invoice. This means it documents each and every step. Below we've created a reservation and we will go through and document what some of these steps actually are saying.

Starting at the top of the created invoice, you can see that I (Heath) created the reservation manually (as it shows my employee login). The invoice history always starts with the very first action at the top and then progresses in chronological order.

Where the credit card was entered above into Stripe, you can actually click on the "Stripe charge", which will take you directly into that customer's Stripe transaction.

Below we've continued this invoice history.

You'll notice that as soon as we started to change the reservation from 2 to three nights, it "removed line item 1" and then updated to show (full hook up sites) x 3. This is documenting my extension of the reservation. 

The purpose of invoice history is really to give you insight into the changes that have been made to the invoice of a reservation and also which employee might have made the change. Currently, this is tracking each and every action and we recognize this is a lot of information (hence why this document was created). As we create the full reservation history (ex: this guest moved from site 5 to site 6), this will create a more comprehensive view of the guest's entire history (with both invoice and reservation history).

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