How do I make individual reservations part of a group?

There can be two different scenarios where you will want to make individual reservations part of a group reservation. One is where there is no group to begin with so you will want to create the group first. The second is adding reservations to part of an existing group reservation.

When you have existing reservations you want to make into a group reservation, the first step is to create the group.

Click on Reservations in left menu. This brings you to the Reservations List view. Change the date range to the same date range the group will be staying at your campground.

Now click on the drop down filter option and select Groups from the list:

This will show you a list of all existing groups within the date range. It is good to double-check the group doesn't already exist. If the group does not, click on the "CREATE GROUP" button:

This brings up the screen to create a new group to hold reservations. You will fill in the Group Name, Group Stay date range and select an existing primary camper account to tie this group to. The Primary Linked Account must already exist as it is only a lookup box. 

Click "Save" to add the new group.

You will be brought back to the list view and see the new group you created. (Note: If you don't see your new group, make sure the date range matches the date range you used when creating the group.)

Double-click on the Group to see options for adding reservations to it.

The first option you have to add reservations to the group is to click the "Add Reservation" button.

This will pop a search box where you can enter the name or reservation number for the reservation you would like to add to this group. The best option is to know the exact reservations number you will add to the group reservation ahead of time. Select from the drop down list of the reservation matching the one you want to add to the group.

The screen will refresh to show that reservation is now part of the group. You can continue to add reservations to the group this way or you can click on "Highlight on Calendar" button.

When you click on the "Highlight on Calendar" button, you are taken to the Dashboard calendar view and the reservations that are part of the group are highlighted in black while reservations not in that group are grey. All reservations that are part of any group are outlined in red. (Hint: The system will show the Dashboard with the same dates you were looking at previously, it is good to first set the dashboard dates to the same dates the group reservation will be on.)

You can now also click on other reservations to quickly add them to the group you are currently highlighting on the calendar. Click on the information icon (i) on the reservation you want to add to the group.

The additional information box will show. Click on the "Add to the current group" icon to quickly add this reservation to the group. The reservation bar will turn from grey to black as well as outline in red indicating it is now part of the group.

Continue to do this until all existing reservations are part of the group. To go back and view the group in reservation list, you can click the "View Group Reservation" icon and be taken there.

Only existing reservations can be added to an existing group. If you know there is already a group created and you simply want to add a reservation to that group, go to Reservations and search for the existing group as shown above. Then simply follow the same steps listed above.

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