What does the Lock/Unlock on a reservation do?

The Lock/Unlock feature on a reservation will allow you to lock the reservation, no longer enabling you to drag/drop or edit stay without first unlocking the reservation. 

Why we created this feature: We created the site lock feature for two primary reasons. First, some of our campgrounds have requested the ability for guests to be able to “lock” a site while booking online. This is not only an additional revenue option for our parks, but it is a crucial component in the ability to help optimize the dashboard to open up availability.

By creating a site lock feature, we are able to open up entire campsites on your dashboard to allow for longer reservations. This will help remove the unnecessary time spent having to “tetris” around your reservations to fit and see if you can slot a guest in. With the site lock feature, you’ll be able to select an entire site at your park and with the click of a button be able to move around all the reservations that are not locked into place.

To use this feature: hover over the "i" on the right side of the dashboard reservation.

This will bring up a small window with a snapshot reservation summary and 8 icons, click the padlock icon pictured below.

Once clicked, the "padlock" will close and another small lock will show on the left side of the dashboard reservation - this reservation is now locked and the guest will not be moved from this site without first unlocking the reservation.

If you wish to unlock a reservation, simply hover back over the "i" and click the lock icon again to remove the reservation lock, this will then open up the site to be moved throughout the dashboard.

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