Getting a head start - Setting up Stripe

The on boarding process with the Good Sam Booking platform has a series of steps and actions that you will be guided through by your Implementation Manager, but there are a few things that you can do to get a head start before you ever have your first on boarding meeting! Completing the 9 step sign-up process with Stripe before your Kick Off call is a great place to start. The process from start to finish takes ~ 15 - 20 minutes.

Stripe is the online payment processor that we have partnered with to process your guests' online reservation payments and signing up with Stripe is a crucial step in the set up process with the Good Sam Booking platform. 

To begin registering with Stripe, click here.

As you enter the sign-up process with Stripe, they will help guide you through the process step-by-step; if you would like a sneak peak at what each step consists of check out the images below:

Step 1: Create your Stripe account

Step 2: Verify your email address

Step 3: Tell Stripe about your business

United States


Step 4: Provide basic information about your business

Step 5: Provide general information about how you deliver your products/services

Step 6: Direct Stripe where you would like your payments sent

Step 7: Set up two-step authentication for increased security (optional)

Step 8: Provide Stripe personal information 

Step 9: Let Stripe know what you want your guests/customers to see on their statement

Finally, Stripe will provide you with a summary of the information you have provided them and let you know of any areas that are missing. Once you verify everything checks out, click "Submit" and you're done! Your Implementation Manager will show you how to link your newly created Stripe account with your Good Sam Booking platform account so you can begin processing online reservations as quickly as possible.

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