How does the Coupons feature work?

You can set up coupons inside of CampgroundBooking that can be used for sales and discounts on reservations and inventory. In this tutorial we'll go through how to set up coupons at your park.

To get started, go to your Campground Settings and click Coupons. Click the orange "+" button.

Type in the name of the Coupon you wish to use in Label. 

Select the dates you'd like the Coupon to display on your reservation website in the Active on Listing box.

Select the dates you'd like Coupon to be redeemable. 

Type the details of the coupon in the Offer section.

Click Save. 

The coupon will now appear under the Special Offers section of your reservation site. 

From here customers are able to click the print option and bring this coupon in to be discounted at the time of check in. 

You will need to set up a discount and apply it to the reservation manually, as currently we do not have the option for the discount to be automatically applied at the time of booking by the customer (such as the use of a discount code).

To learn how to setup a discount and how to add a discount to a reservation, click the links below: 

How do I set up Discounts? How to Add a Discount to a Reservation?

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