How do I move a reservation on the dashboard?

Say you have a camper who wants to change sites, or maybe push their stay back a week or two. Below outlines how to move their reservation easily from the dashboard using our drag and drop feature.

First off, in order to move reservations on the dashboard to another spot, the entirety of the reservation has to be in view. Meaning, the date range that the reservation is for, has to be selected in the calendar for the dashboard view. 

Here's an example: In the picture below, this reservation is from 6/1-6/6. If I wanted to move this reservation, the calendar dates much have that date range in view. If I select 6/2-6/7, I will not be able to move the reservation. To move the reservation, I would want to select 5/31-6/7. 


Click on and hold the 4-point arrow icon of the reservation and drag the reservation to the desired open site and dates. 

If you're needing to move the reservation to a site that is farther down on the dashboard, here's another knowledge base article on how to utilize the unassigned row to do so.

If you're needing to change the dates of the reservation more than a couple of weeks, here's another knowledge base article on how to change the dates of stay within the reservation itself. 

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