How do I change the dates of a reservation?

There are two ways to change the dates of a reservation. The first is on the dashboard, by shortening or extending the stay, or using our drag and drop feature. At the bottom of this article, I've linked articles that will walk you through on how to use those methods. In this article, we will discuss how to change the dates of a reservation when the reservation is longer than a month, or is being changed more than a couple of weeks. 

For example, a camper is staying 7/5-7/16 and they now want to stay in August for the same dates. Depending on the size of your campground, the dashboard handles pulling a couple of weeks at a time better than a month or two. Therefore, we will want to go into the reservation itself to change the dates of stay. 

The first step is to hover of the reservation and click on the second icon in the little pop up that appears, that looks like a pencil. 

Then once you're in the reservation, you'll hit the "edit stay" tab. Here you'll put in the new dates of stay and hit "search sites." Then select the new site from the list after it finishes searching and it will automatically advance to the invoice page. 

You can also use this tab to simply change sites and keep the same dates. You'll just skip the step where you put in the new dates. 

Here is another knowledge base article on how to shorten or extend a stay on the dashboard. 

Here is another knowledge base article on how to move a reservation on the dashboard. 

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