How do I Extend and Shorten Reservations on the Dashboard?

In order to extend or shorten reservations on the dashboard, the entirety of the reservation has to be in view.

Hover over the edge of the reservation until you see the double arrow icon ( <-->). Single click to hold the reservation and drag to the desired date to extend the reservation. 

A window will pop up asking you to confirm the new stay dates for the reservation. 

You will now see the reservation turn to the Outstanding Balance Orange color. You may now settle the invoice with the new charges from the extended stay. 

The same process can be done to shorten a reservation. 

You can then go into the invoice and and settle or refund the balance as needed.

You may also change reservation dates by hovering over the "i" icon and click the Edit Reservation pencil icon. Here is a knowledge base article detailing how to do so.

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