How do I send my camper a receipt of their payment?

If the campers booking manually or online and then makes a second payment at the time of arrival and needs a receipt, here are the steps to take to get them a receipt. 

First, if the customer is in front of you and would like a physical receipt, you and print the terms receipt. It doesn't have as much detailed information as the confirmation email, but it does show payments taken and balance due. 

To print the terms receipt, you will first go into the reservation and up at the top, you can click the little piece of paper to view the receipt.

 You can have the camper sign if you'd like and then hit the print button to print out the receipt. 

The second method is to resend the confirmation email. Here is an article explaining how to do so if you are unfamiliar. 

In the confirmation email, it will have a section with payment history and the total due on arrival. If the guest has paid in full, it will show $0.00 due. 

If you'd like to know what else is included in the confirmation email, here is an article regarding this. 

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