How do I set up Discounts?

You can set up discounts inside of the Good Sam Booking platform that can be applied towards both reservations and inventory items. In this tutorial we'll go through how to set up discounts at your park.

Note: If you're looking to learn how to apply already created discounts to a reservation, click here.

Getting Started: Navigate to the Campground settings and click on Discounts, then click on the Orange plus sign to add a new discount.

Enter the name of the discount and select a Discount Type from drop down.

There are two types of discounts:

1. Percentage - When selecting Percentage another field shows up to enter the discount amount.

2. Flat - When selecting Flat discount type two fields show up, one to enter the discount amount and an “Only One?” checkbox. If checked, this will apply the discount ONLY to the first line item in the invoice, not the entire invoice.

Once you've decided on which Discount Type you would like to use, you’ll choose whether you want it applied to the Reservation, Inventory Items, or both.

When you select “Reservation”, two more options will appear: “Rate Types to Apply To” and “Max”. You can select more than one rate type, depending on how you want this discount to be applied. The “Max” field is used to determine the maximum number of nights, weeks, and/or months that you want the discount applied towards. 

Tip: If you want the discount applied to all nights, weeks, or months of the reservation, set the “Max” to zero.

Now that you’ve selected your Rate Types and set your Max, you’ll want to enter your discount amount in the “Percentage Discount” or "Discount" field. The percentage must be given as a decimal - for example, 10% would be shown as 0.1. Finally, you’ll want to set your discount as “Active” by checking the “Active” box shown below. Hit “Save” at the bottom and your discount has been created!

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If you want to set up a Good Sam discount that will validate the guest's membership ID go HERE.

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