How do I "blacklist" a guest?

Why we created this feature: We created this feature in the unfortunate circumstance that a guest loses the privilege of staying at a campground. Although the situation is not ideal, we want to give our users all of the tools possible to run their properties as they see fit, and that includes having the ability to not allow guests back that have operated outside of campground guidelines.

Getting Started: To blacklist a guest, this guest must have an account. Accounts are created for any guest that has made a reservation through the platform, whether that's online or manually through the campground. To learn how to create an account for a guest that has yet to make a reservation, click here.

Once you’ve determined that the guest does indeed have an account, the next step is to locate that account. To do this, you’ll head over to the “Accounts” feature, which is the fourth tab down on the left side of the screen.

Now that you’re in the Accounts section, you’ll want to search for the guest’s account by using either the first/last name or email address of the guest in the search box.

Note: It is important to make sure the filters on the right side of the screen are set to “All” for this search.

Once you’ve located the correct account through the search function, you’ll then want to either double click the guest name or click the three vertical dots on the right side of the account and select “Edit”.

This will take you to the account overview page; from here you can see the guest’s information, rig type, and past reservation history. To blacklist this account and guest, you will click on the “Edit” button towards the center of the window.

Once you’ve entered the edit window, just below the “Account type” drop down menu you will see the “Blacklist this Account?” checkbox. Select the checkbox, scroll down and hit save, and this account will now be blocked!

Note: The system will only block someone making a reservation with the account’s email address. If this person uses a different email address, the platform will not recognize them as the same person and will not block the reservation.

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