Creating a Reservation

Reservations within CampgroundBooking can be added from the Reservations tab in your Manager account or from the dashboard. This will be the process that in which you will take over the phone or in person bookings.

Step 1: Dates & Equipment

At this step of the reservation, you will enter in the requested dates in which the camper is wanting to book a site. 

*Note: You do not have to enter in the adults, children and vehicle at this step. However, if you set vehicle or person limits on individual sites, gathering this information will allow you to filter which sites are available for your potential guest. Example: If a guest has a party of 5 and you've set a particular site to limit 4 guests, that site will not show up in your search query.

Step 2: Select a Site

Step two in the reservation process will allow you to select a list of all sites that are currently available for the date range and RV length you selected. 

Note: If your site length is 35 ft and you entered in a 40 ft RV, this site will not show as available to book.

In order to move to step three, you will click on "select" for the site you'd like to book. If you have group bookings enabled, you can add multiple sites onto one reservation. See a full demonstration of group bookings here.

Step 3: Camper Information

In step 3, you will collect more information about the guest. 

Within your settings under reservations, you have the option to enable "lite reservations" which will only make the name of the guest a required field. Some campgrounds prefer to make all of the camper information mandatory, but other parks like to be able to make reservations quickly and without having to collect info from every field. We also have the ability to add additional fields to this view, such as a license plate field.

Once you click on "save and continue" on this page, this will create a reservation hold (meaning the reservation is now on the calendar, but the guest has not been emailed and no payment has been collected.

By exiting out of this view prior to selecting "save and continue", your reservation will not be saved.

Step 4: Payment

In step 4 of the reservation flow, you will have the ability to accept payment, as well as apply any relevant discount options or inventory items.

To add a discount, you will need to have previously entered in your discounts under settings. You can then select any of your pre-entered discounts by clicking the "add discount" in the lower right hand corner.

From this page, you can either finalize and send confirmation (which will trigger confirmation email sent to guest and then collect payment upon arrival) or you can click on "settle" in the lower right hand corner in order to accept a payment. 

Within the payment tab, you will be able to charge the full amount (or deposit) in whatever payment type you prefer.

What happens next:

After a reservation is entered into CampgroundBooking, we immediately log the reservation and contact the Camper via Email with their confirmation details:

The camper will receive a confirmation number unique to them as well as the details of the site they booked, dates of arrival and departure, as well as their invoice or receipt.

Every reservation can be viewed on the dashboard as well as the reservation tab. When a reservation is made, the email associated with that booking is used to also create an account for your guest. You will be able to add future reservations onto that existing account.

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